A cloud-based decision support solution for diagnostic and prognostication of prostate cancer

News - February 2017

CADESS Medical AB receives Bona Postulata award.

Uppsala, Sweden – February 2, 2017 – CADESS Medical AB, a leader in digital pathology analytics for the diagnosis and prognostication of prostate cancer, today announced that the company has received the Bona Postulata award, an award given to businesses with great growth potential. Nominated companies are both start-ups and more mature firms; the growth potential is the key.

“At CADESS Medical AB we are very happy and proud to receive this award. The Bona Postulata award gives us the recognition that our company has great potential and we look forward to connecting with other start-ups in the Uppsala region”, said Ingrid Carlbom, Professor Emeritus, CTO and founder of CADESS Medical AB.

“The recognition the award provides is very welcome and acknowledges the potential and quality of our patented and unique image analysis technology. It will support CADESS Medical AB in its efforts to seek additional funding for further development towards a commercial product that will help pathologists, urologists by providing a tool to improve the treatment of prostate cancer, patients by reducing unnecessary treatment, and healthcare providers by increasing efficiency and reducing costs”, commented Johan von Heijne, Executive Advisor at CADESS Medical AB.

About Bona Postulata

Bona Postulata is an award given to local businesses in the Uppsala Region with strong growth potential. Nominated companies can be start-ups as well as larger, more mature companies. The award is sponsored by 17 well-known companies and business associations active in the Uppsala Region. The Bona Postulata Award gives the awardees the attention and impetus to grow. For more information see www.bonapostulata.se.

About CADESS Medical AB

CADESS Medical AB is a Swedish medical analytics company offering CADESS™, a cloud-based innovative digital pathology decision support solution based on image analysis for diagnosis and prognostication of cancer intended to improve patient outcome and reduce healthcare costs for prostate cancer. CADESS is the result of ten years of research at the Centre for Image Analysis, Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University, in collaboration with Uppsala University Hospital. For more information see www.cadessmedical.com.

For Further information, please contact:

Ingrid Carlbom, Chief Technology Officer
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E-mail: ingrid.carlbom@cadessmedical.com